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It’s said that after you do the same activity for 21 days it becomes a habit. Habits can shape someone’s life for good or for bad. The best athletes have very specific habits that allow them to be the best in what they do. While you probably won’t live like a professional athlete, you can adopt some of their habits to improve in your sports training in Orange County. Athletic Republic of Orange County brings you the top 8 habits of successful athletes.

8 Habits for Successful Sports Training in Orange County

Get a Coach

Athletes work with a variety of coaches who are solely dedicated to their success. A good coach can help you establish workout goals and  design your own personal sports training program. A nutritionist can create a healthy food plan with recommendations for pre and post-workout snacks. Having a coach can let you focus on your training without worrying about all the extra planning involved.

Set Goals

The best way to  be successful is to set goals that allow you to measure your progress. Your goals can be based on performance or habits. For instance you can say, “In this workout session I will run nonstop for X amount of time”. Habit-wise you can say “I will go to bed at 10, Monday through Friday”. Goals provide structure and motivation.

Have a Training Program

You can gain better results from your sports training by following a structured and balanced program. A training program will stop you from working on only the areas that you’re good at or you enjoy the most. Athletes are capable of improving their weaknesses, reducing their injury risk, and refining their overall workout by following a program. Even less-skilled athletes can manage to compete at higher levels because of the training programs they follow.

Get Proper Sleep

You can’t expect your body to perform at its best with just 3 hours of sleep. Sleep allows your muscles to repair, restores hormonal balance, facilitates mental recovery, and keeps you energized. Often times, the importance of sleep is overlooked because people deem it unnecessary. Athletes have a specific wake up and bedtime hour each day. Sleep is especially important during periods of intense training. After a good night’s sleep, start your sports training at Athletic Republic of Orange County. They have the tools, machines, and people to bring the results you need. Call them up at: (714) 972-2762 to begin your year with quality sports training in Orange County.

Plan your Meals

Athletes must follow a nutritional food regime. Your eating habits can make your training much more successful. Make sure you get the nutrients you need to maximize your intensity, have more energy, and a better recovery period. When planning your meals you should have special consideration to you pre and post-workout foods. Pre-workout snacks should include lean protein, veggies and whole grains, food that provides athletes with the energy they need. To recover post-workout, the foods you need are carbs and protein to replenish the energy you burned. Here’s a guide of healthy eating habits you should develop.

Think like a Winner

To be a winner you have to feel like a winner. There’s nothing that can affect your performance more than bad self-confidence. Don’t focus on your sports training mistakes, but learn from them instead and move on. Thinking that you’re already successful will make your gains even greater. Envision your success before it happens, that’s what winners do. While imagining yourself a winner won’t make your performance better, it will help you relax so you can focus on giving your best effort. The mind is a very powerful tool.

Bring in the Sports Drinks

Optimal performance relies greatly on hydration and fuel. While you might’ve already thought about out pre-workout energy meal, you still need something that will keep your energy levels constant while working out.  Energy drinks that have easily digested carbohydrates and electrolytes help athletes maintain their blood glucose levels within a normal range and steady energy levels.

Don’t Ignore the Cool-down

Many people skip their post-workout stretching period or cool down. After working hard,  your muscles need a good stretch to keep a balanced range of motion. Cooling down facilitates your recovery, restores shortened muscles to their proper length, and allows the you to mentally relax.

Start your Year with Sports Training in Orange County

There’s no better time to work on your sports training goals then the beginning of a new year. Start this year right by joining a sports training program at Athletic Republic of Orange County. To learn about their services and how they can help you become the athlete you hope to be, call them at: (714) 972-2762.