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The importance of stretching after a workout is often underrated, when in fact, it's equally as important and beneficial as regular exercise. Learn about the benefits of post workout stretching.

Stretching After Your Sports Training in Santa Ana, CA

Stretching is something easily forgettable.Many athletes think they don’t have enough time to do it after exercising. Stretching is as important as your regular exercise for your sports training regime. Stretching will allow you to get more out of your sports training and give your muscles a respite after a good workout. Join Athletic Republic of Orange County- Training Center in this post about the many benefits of stretching.

Warm Up Before the Workout

What your muscles need before you start your sports training workout is to warm up. Prior to exercising, do some type of warm up that relates to the training you will be doing. A quick jog, some jumping jacks, or something to simply get your muscles warm and blood pumping. Stretching should come right after your workout to release your tight muscles and let go of some tension.

Do It Right

If you want to reap the full benefits of stretching, you need to do it correctly. When you stretch, you feel some resistance. You need to breathe your way through it. Slowly, your muscles will become suppler. You should adjust or modify your stretches to suit your needs and look for ways to make the stretching positions more comfortable for yourself. Though it might feel a little bit painful at first, over time you’ll get used to it and your body will thank you.

8 Benefits of Stretching After Exercising

Increased Flexibility and Range of Motion

Obviously one of the main benefits of stretching is gaining flexibility. Flexibility is necessary to reduce muscle tension and to elongate contracted and constricted muscles. Being consistent with your after-training stretching will make it easier for you to do certain exercises that involve flexibility. For a more specific result: research shows that runners who do leg stretches after a long run increase endurance and muscle strength. Muscles that haven’t been properly stretched remain constricted, making it hard for you to use them to their full capacity. If you stretch after your workout you will be able to use your muscles in a greater range of motion. You’ll increase your performance because your muscles will be working at their maximum capacity. Not to mention, a greater range of motion gives you an advantage over the competition.

Preventing Injuries

The flexibility gained by stretching helps you prevent injuries. Having flexible muscles can prevent acute and overuse injuries. Start your workout with dynamic (active) stretches and finish it with static stretching. Also, if you regularly feel sore after working out, stretching can largely minimize your pain.

 Improving Sports Perfomance

The point of sports training is to improve an athlete’s performance. Many sports require good flexibility, even if doesn’t seem so initially. Flexibility creates healthier muscles, and healthy muscles perform better. As previously mentioned, stretching helps prevent injuries, but it also allows you to improve your range of motion and develop strength. Another way you can improve your sports performance is with the proper sports training for your needs. If you're looking for a a new program and a team of professionals who can help you reach your goals in Santa Ana, CA, you need to head to Athletic Republic of Orange County- Training Center. Call them at (714) 972-2762 to talk to their sports training professionals about the right regime for you.

Higher Energy Levels

You always get tired after a good exercise session, but you’ll notice that after some post-workout stretches your energy levels will be higher. When your body finally cools down, your brain releases endorphins which make you feel energized and happy.

Muscle Tone

Maybe you think that the best way to get more defined muscle tone is by lifting weights, but post-workout stretching can help too. Your muscles will recover faster and be ready for your next workout session. Over time you’ll notice that your muscles look more slender, toned, and supple.

Eliminate Lactic Acid

You know that burning feeling on your muscles you get when you’re working out? That’s lactic acid. It also makes your muscles feel fatigued and sore. You need to stretch in order to eliminate the accumulated lactic acid and relax your muscles.

Stress Relief

Lastly, everyone needs to unwind after a hard day of sports training… or a hard day at the office. Stress causes our muscles to tighten up and hurt. Stretching will aid in muscle recovery and relaxation.

Don’t Forget to Stretch After Your Sports Training in Santa Ana, CA

Talk to your trainer about the importance of stretching after a workout and how it can help you achieve your goals. Call Athletic Republic of Orange County-Training Center at (714) 972-2762 to speak with a sports training professional and schedule a free session. Don’t forget to give your muscles a good stretch after your next workout.