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Easy to Follow Tips to Get a Good Night Sleep

It can be easy to focus all ;of your training planning on food and exercise that you forget what happens when you aren't working out. ;Athletic Republic Orange County has put together five easy to follow tips to help your body sleep and recover. ;

  1. When ;planning your workouts, allow for about three to four hours before you go to sleep. While it may seem natural to rest and fall asleep right after an exhausting workout, take the time to refuel your body and let your body settle before attempting to rest.
  2. Enjoying a night ;cap may be ;nice before bed, but it can be damaging to your sleep. As your body attempts to rest, the alcohol starts to process in your body ;and either keep you awake, or wake you up during a sleep cycle. If you like to enjoy a drink each day, keep it with lunch.
  3. Turn off your electronics and lights is the ;easiest way to create the ideal sleep environment. Dim lights or phone notification lights that ;come on and ;off are the best way to keep you awake as your sleeping environment is constantly changing and unsettled.
  4. This one goes without saying - don't drink coffee before bed! While ;coffee may be a delicious way to finish your meal, try a switch to green tea that helps you digest your food without keeping your awake.
  5. Finally, if you can't get to sleep - get up! Lying in bed restless doesn't help you sleep, so get up, have a glass of water, and attempt to sleep again.

Sports Training in Santa Ana

Getting a good night rest is essential to ;help your body recover from ;Sports Training in Santa Ana. If you're looking to get even more from your sessions, speak with a trainer at ;Athletic Republic Orange County ;on ;(714) 972-2762 and ask about our targeted training programs to keep your goals on track.