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As an athlete, you are likely well versed in what the physiology of an athlete should be. You’ve also probably got your favorite ‘go to’ foods to help you get pumped for a great workout or competition. However, if this is still new to you or you’re just looking to branch out a bit, Athletic Republic in Santa Ana would like to help with that today by providing you with some of the best foods for athletes, as well as why they are so great. ;

Starting with a healthy breakfast, you may try adding more bananas to your diet. Not only do they contain electrolytes to help you stay hydrated, they’re also full of potassium. As an athlete, you know how bad muscle cramps and soreness can be after a great workout. Potassium is a natural buffer for those pains. ;

Likewise, getting some berries in your regular diet are going to help give you that dose of A, C, and E vitamins that you need. When you’re working out and you’re experiencing some oxidative stress build up, your vitamins are going to help you eliminate that. You can put berries in your smoothie, protein shake, or eat them how they’re found in nature. ;

Don’t forget to get plenty of those greens in your diet. These include kale, spinach and broccoli to name a few. These dark green vegetables are packed with fiber and antioxidants. Remember, the deeper the green of the vegetables, the more healthy they are. ;

And lastly, for a healthy and delicious treat, be sure to add nuts and nut butter to your daily regiment. Nuts are naturally full of protein and they are also an excellent equalizer for sugar filled carbohydrates. You’ll want to look for the most natural nut butter, peanut or almond, you can find to eliminate a large percentage of added sugar you’ll find in other types. ;

If you’re ready to be stronger, better, and faster than you ever thought possible, jumping hurdles over the competition, remember that Athletic Republic is here to help you make that happen. For sports training in Santa Ana, contact us at (714) 972-2762.