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As an athlete, you know that it’s important for you to eat foods high in protein and low in fat, and perhaps you’ve already got your list of go to foods for training and workout. However, are you also as readily aware of the foods you should be avoiding? If not, today Athletic Republic in Orange County would like to share a list of foods you should not be eating, as well as the reasons why they pose a detriment to you and your athletes physiology.

Avoid diet sodas. Carbonated drinks in general, contain a lot of unnecessary sugar, but diet drinks and their sugar substitutes are especially disagreeable for an athletes body. If you are indulging in a diet soda a day you could be increasing your risk of health issues in the future and you are likely to see significant weight gain because of it.

Canned soups may be delicious, and man are the convenient when you’re working hard and on the go. However, it’s important that you remember these foods are highly processed and any real nutritional value is trumped by the extremely high levels of sodium found in the soup as well. If you have to eat a canned soup, definitely go for low sodium, but it’s definitely better to opt for homemade.

Rice cakes are yet another snack choice that athletes should choose to stay away from. No, they’re not bad for you, but the issue is that they aren’t good for you either. Rice cakes, with their extremely low calorie count, are virtually void of nutritional value. As an athlete, you need calories to produce energy to burn. So, even with peanut butter or cream cheese on your rice cakes, they’re just not worth it.

Lastly, serious athletes will also do well to avoid the intake of alcohol. Not only does alcohol dehydrate you, it slows down muscle recovery time, can be full of unnecessary sugar, and of course can lead to significant weight gain.

If you’re ready to reach the next step as an athlete, running faster, training harder, and going way above the competition, then get in contact with the number one trainers at Athletic Republic. For athletic training in Orange County, be sure to contact us, (714) 972-2762.