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There’s no greater feeling that finishing a great training. Just remember that a strenuous workout or starting a routine can lead to muscle soreness and other related problems, that will probably discourage you on the next day. Remember that being constant is crucial to achieve your goals, for this reason at Athletic Republic in Santa Ana, we prepared the following post containing useful tips to deal with this minor problem.


Eating within the 2 hours after a workout is crucial to help your body replenish the energy you just lost. Plus, it will provide you with the protein your muscles need to repair dairy products, lean meat, eggs and quinoa are just a few foods you should eat to prepare for your next training session and don’t forget to stay away from junk food.

Preventing the Sore

Stretching after the workout is highly recommended, as it will allow your muscles cool down. Keep in mind that your shouldn’t stretch cold muscles, otherwise the the chance of getting injured increases. Please remember to drink plenty of water before, during and after your training. 


There are many methods to treat muscle soreness and topical menthol is one of the most effective. This ointment cools the affected area to stop inflammation and speed the recovery process. Keep in mind that ice can also help you recover, just remember to apply it directly to the muscle after your workout.

Don’t allow this minor condition stop you! These simple ideas will allow your muscles recover faster and get ready for your next training. Also, be sure to read our guide on preventing and threating split shins.

At Athletic Republic, we can help you improve the abilities you need to excel in your sport. Our exclusive scientifically based programs offer you the boost you need to achieve the goals you set. For sports training in Santa Ana, think about us. Call (714) 972-2762 to learn more about how we can help.