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Take Advantage of Technology to Improve Your Fitness

People who are not used to exercising, and have a low to average level of fitness will begin to see results very quickly once they begin to train regularly at the gym or playing sports. However, it is very easy to reach the dreaded ‘plateau’, particularly if you are a high-level athlete and have been training for a number of years. The ‘plateau’ is a point where it is difficult to see a noticeable improvement in your fitness. For many athletes, this ‘plateau’ is the most difficult barrier to overcome. But, in recent years, technology has helped athletes reach levels that we would never have thought possible a few decades ago. We can all benefit from this knowledge in our training routines. In this blog, Athletic Republic of Orange County has put together some ideas of how to train smarter using technology.

There’s an App for That

Nowadays almost everyone has a smartphone. Even younger kids are using them to log on to social media, listen to music and message their friends. However, smartphones are actually really intelligent little gadgets, and you could be using them to improve your training regime. A wide variety of apps is available, from simple calorie counters to apps that work hand in hand with wristwatch heart rate monitors to give you more information about your training. If you like to train outdoors, you can track runs or cycle routes using your smartphone’s GPS system. These apps are surprisingly accurate and can be especially useful when training for a marathon or triathlon. The best way to maximize the results of your sports training regime is by enlisting the help of the professionals. No athlete got to where they are today without the aid of a highly-qualified team of specialists. Athletic Republic of Orange County offers state of the art facilities and proven specialist sports training programs. Call today at 714-972-2762 to find out how Athletic Republic of Orange County could help you to achieve your goals this summer.

Smart Technology

One of the biggest technological advances enjoyed by athletes in the past few years is the introduction of ‘smart technology’. Imagine if your golf club could store information to tell you how to improve your swing? Or if your tennis racket could identify points of weakness in your follow-through. Well, now they can. Smart sports equipment provides a huge amount of information about the athletes using it so that they can tweak their movements and habits, kind of like a high-level sports car. One of the many benefits to this equipment is that the information they provide is available immediately via a smart phone or connected device.

Video Technology

Video Technology has become essential in developing training programs and preventing injuries in high-level athletes. For example, if a marathon runner is looking for a new pair of sneakers he or she will go and get them from a specialist store that offers video ‘gait analysis’. By using video technology, a treadmill, and a couple of sensors, the runner can identify if they are an ‘overpronator,' if they are flat-footed, exactly where they are prone to injury and select a specially-designed sneaker to provide support where it is needed. At Athletic Republic of Orange County, we use ‘Dartfish Technology Replay’ when training track and field athletes. As well as being able to see themselves in the mirror and check their form on the treadmill, they can watch replays of themselves running from various angles to better understand their form and continually find ways to improve.

State of the Art Equipment

Another great way in which technology helps us improve as athletes is through state-of-the-art equipment. Twenty or thirty years ago, power training programs were based around lifting weights or using machines to isolate only one or two muscles at a time. Now, we train using cables, incorporating balance and explosives moves to develop sports-specific power and a better overall balance of muscle strength. At Athletic Republic of Orange County, we have our own specialist Super Running Treadmill. This ramps up from 0-28 miles per hour in less than three seconds. Perfect for practicing sprinting and interval training. Hockey players can train on a different specially-designed treadmill with a slippery surface designed to behave like ice. To benefit from the latest highly-specialized equipment and proven sports training programs designed by experts, call Athletic Republic of Orange County today at 714-972-2762 to find out how training at a high-tech sports training facility can help you improve your fitness levels and assist you in reaching your goals faster.