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Hitting a training slump isn't uncommon for someone who has been in the game for a while. Before your slump turns into you throwing in the towel, use these tips to get your motivation back.

Tips to Make It out of a Training Slump

There are a few periods during the year when it becomes harder to make it to training and give it your all. Whether it's the outdoor temperatures taking your attention away from your training or other social commitments, your training sessions may no longer feel as rewarding as they once did. To combat this feeling, use these tips to get your training motivation back.

Don't Run out of Energy

If you can't seem to find the energy to get your training done or to even show up for a training session, your body and mind may just be tired. Instead of trying to push through it and lose more motivation along the way, give yourself a break from your training. Take a few days off, but not recovery day. Instead, don't do any workouts for a couple of days and focus on letting your body and mind rest. Keep up with your diet, catch up on sleep, do some stretching, and allow your body to recover and get motivated to return to your regular training.

Set a New Goal

If you don't have any goals that you're actively working towards as you train, it can get very easy to lose all of your training motivation. If this is the case, set a goal that will keep you motivated and working towards something concrete. Keep in mind that the goal you set should be achievable but not easy. It should challenge you to grow, but it shouldn't be impossible. On top of that, you should be able to measure your progress as you move towards it so that you don't lose motivation. Finally, be sure to set a deadline by when you want to achieve this goal so that you have a clear finishing day.

Reach out to Your Friends

If you've hit a serious slump, don't try to do it all on your own. It can be hard to find motivation when you keep your feelings and struggles to yourself. Your friends and peers may have some experience with what you're going through, so reach out to them and be honest about what you're struggling with. You may be able to get some great advice to make it past this slump and you may even find a new training partner who will make it easier to show up to training. If needed, consider signing up for a training program where a professional trainer can give you the motivation you need to continue growing. If you're looking for the perfect training program that will keep you motivated and improving, contact Athletic Republic of Orange County. They offer tons of sports training programs that can help you reach your goals . To learn more about their training programs, give them a call at (714) 972-2762.

Find Your Why

If you feel like you've lost your motivation to train, asking yourself why you do it can help you get back to the root of why you do it. You may have had a strong reason to start training, but along the way you lost your connection to that reason. By reflecting on this original why you may find that your reason to train is still there, you've just disconnected from it a bit. Your original reason to train may have evolved and that's fine. As long as you find a strong reason to keep going, you'll be fine.

Take Your Training Outdoors

Winter can be a particularly hard time to train because of all the social commitments, the extreme weather, and the holiday treats. After a long winter spent training indoors, take advantage of the warmer temperatures and nice weather and take your training outdoors. You don't have to do all of your training outdoors either. Try to add an outdoor portion to your current sessions, such as going on a warm up jog outdoors. You can also take one or two of your weekly sessions outdoors as long as you feel like you're getting the workout you need.

Sign up for Sports Training in Santa Ana, CA

Get your training motivation back by enrolling in a sports training program that will help you get back on track. The trainers at Athletic Republic of Orange County are the professionals you need to get your motivation back. To learn all about their training programs, contact Athletic Republic of Orange County at (714) 972-2762 and schedule your free training session.