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What Science Suggests About Motivating Yourself

It is easy to put things off, only to never get them done. You rationalize, make excuses, and ultimately, your exercise routine suffers. Numerous studies into human behaviour and the science behind motivation show interesting results. We've put together a few interesting motivation techniques that will help your motivation and your exercise routine for the better.

Get Paid to Sweat

Behavioral economists have long told us that money is the best motivator, followed by social commitment. Gym Pact took the advice. Through their app, you commit to meet goals and agree to pay if you do not meet them. When you do, you get a cash reward paid for by those who did not. The power of monetary reward and punishment combined with the public humiliation of not living up to your expectations are both powerful motivators. Sign up with a friend or family member to increase the social pressure.

Carrots and Sticks

Monetary renumeration may be the most potent motivator, but it is not the only one. Punish yourself by only washing your hair on the days you work out. If you go a couple of days with dirty hair, your peers will notice. Reward yourself with a smoothie or other treat after working out. Your brain will eventually associate the punishment and reward with your behavior and help create a positive habit.

Keep a Workout Journal

Write down your workout goals, micro-challenges, and keep track of how you have progressed. When you are done working out, write down how you feel. Read the journal when you are feeling unmotivated. Reminding yourself of how great you felt, and seeing the progress you have made will help motivate you to meet and surpass your goals.

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