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A new year has arrived. A new year to set goals and actually keep them. Here’s a guide to help you set sports training goals that you can actually maintain.

This is the Year You Reach Your Sports Training Goals

Think back on last January; you probably said this was going to be the year when you would lose the extra weight,  or when you would truly work on getting that beach body, when you would complete a triathlon, or when you would beat a record. How many of those goals or resolutions did you complete? Many people will say none. That’s because they set unrealistic goals for themselves. Athletic Republic of Orange County wants you to help achieve them, which is why they’ve prepared this post to help you set smart goals for this New Year.

Why Many Athletes Don’t Reach Their Goals

The key to reaching a goal is to make it a realistic goal and never to lose your focus. Many athletes make the mistake of setting too many goals to be completed in a short level of time or overestimating their current performance and setting unrealistic goals. Goals should be SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timeframe). By sticking to these principles, you should be able to achieve anything you set your mind to.

Types of Goals

Before setting your intentions, there are three types of goals you should be aware of:
  1. Outcome goals: These goals have to do with winning or having a better performance than someone else. Outcome goals are usually long-term, and they cannot be controlled by an individual since they depend on how others perform. An outcome goal can be getting selected for a sports team or winning a race.
  2. Process goals: You have complete control over the process goals. They usually deal with the strategy and technique you need to achieve a bigger target. A process goal can be something as simple as improving your flexibility to the point where you can touch your toes or doing sprints three times a week to increase your stamina and be a better soccer player. Process goals can help you stay motivated and reduce your anxiety.
  3. Performance goals: Performance goals depend on your personal standards and are unaffected by others’ performance. As a swimmer or a runner, you can decide on completing a specific distance in a certain amount of time. Performance goals encourage you to focus on improving your technique rather than concentrating on winning.
Some people believe that you shouldn’t set outcome goals and only focus on your process or performance goals. But it���s better to work towards achieving something specific. If you're not sure what your goals should be, talk to a sports training expert at Atheltic Republic of Orange County. Contact them at  (714) 972-2762 and start working on becoming a better athlete.

Designing Your Goals

To set your goals, you need to identify your strengths, abilities, and your weak areas. You should set your sport training goals to cover four different areas: physical fitness, technique, mental and emotional health, and relationships. You can’t be an excellent athlete if you don’t have the correct mental state or a good relationship with your team or trainer. Likewise, you can’t expect to be a winner if you don’t work towards improving your physical state and mastering skills necessary for your chosen sport. All goals are connected. You can start by setting an outcome goal and setting at least four process goals to help you achieve it. For instance, you want to complete the Chicago Marathon. What do you need to do that? Your process goals can be to hit the treadmill at least three times a week, hire a trainer to help you work on your endurance, try yoga, and keep a positive outlook. You can set even smaller, reachable weekly goals to help yourself out.

Don’t Be Greedy

It’s better to set a few high-quality goals and commit to them than to set many goals and hope that you’ll accomplish some of them. You need to decide which aspects of your sports performance matter the most and focus on them. Don’t get greedy and make a long list of goals because you’ll end up giving most of them up.

Reach Your Goals at Athletic Republic of Orange County

Talk to one of the sport training experts at Atheltic Republic of Orange County about your plans for this year. Together, you can come up with realistic goals and a plan to achieve them. A trainer can help you take your training to the next level. Call them at (714) 972-2762 to learn more about how they can help you reach your athletic goals.