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When the weather gets rainy, it's easy to make excuses to not train. Training in the rain can actually help you be more prepared for your next race. Use these tips to make your training more effective.

Tips for Training in the Rain

Training in the rain may not sound like something you want to do, but it can actually be beneficial to your training. If you're preparing for a triathlon or a marathon, you won't be able to control the weather, so it's better to be prepared for it all. Before using the rain as an excuse to stay inside again, gear up and use these tips to make the most of your training in the rain.

Tips for Running in the Rain

Running in the rain may not be your ideal way to spend a training session, but don't let a little water deter you from making progress. Instead, use these tips to prepare for a run in the rain.

Wear a Hat With a Brim

Whether it's hot or cold outside, be sure to wear a hat with a brim during your run. The brim will help keep the rain out of your face and out of your eyes, making it easier to see as you run. If it's warm outdoors, stick to a hat made out of light and breathable material. On colder days, wear a hat made out of a thicker material that will keep you warm, like fleece. On windy days, adding a headband over your hat will keep your ears protected while also helping your hat to stay on your head.

Wear Proper Layers

Next up is ensuring you're wearing layers that will help you run more comfortably. The layer closest to your skin should be made out of a technical fabric that will keep water and sweat off your skin. Your outer layer should be wind resistant and waterproof for maximum comfort. Never wear your regular raincoat running since this can actually trap heat and moisture, leading to a very uncomfortable training session.

Pay Attention to Your Steps

Since conditions will be a lot more slick, it's important that you pay extra attention to your steps. Smaller steps than usual and paying attention to your footing will help you stay up. Be sure to avoid running though puddles because this can lead to a number of consequences, including soaked shoes or even hidden dangers. Keeping yourself motivated to train can be tough all on your own. To stay motivated and reach your training goals, contact Athletic Republic of Orange County. They offer different sports training options that can help you reach your best. To learn more, give them a call at (714) 972-2762.

Tips for Biking in the Rain

If you're determined to practice cycling in the rain, there are few things you should keep in mind to make this activity less of a hassle while also staying safe.

Leave Extra Room

First of all, since conditions are slick, you'll want to take your time braking. It will take longer to come to a stop and slow down because the road will be more slippery, so allow for extra room to come to a complete stop. Avoid making sudden stops because this can lead to your tires slipping, putting your in a dangerous situation.

Invest in a Cycling Cap

On hot days, you're probably very thankful for the vents in your helmet, but on wet days, these vents can let in quite a bit of water. To keep the water off your head, invest in a cycling cap that you can wear under your helmet. A cap can also give you extra protection around your eyes thanks to its bill.

Make Yourself Visible

If you're cycling on the road, it's more important than ever to make yourself as visible as possible. Drivers won't be expecting you because of the rain and they may be distracted by the weather, making it even harder to notice you. Wear your most flashy gear, wear a light, and use reflectors to ensure drivers will notice you.

Tips for Swimming in the Rain

Swimming in the rain may not sound like it's much different than a regular swim session, but it can be the source behind some issues. Use these tips to overcome these training issues.

Breathing While Swimming

As you swim, you'll need to take a breath every so often to keep going. Unfortunately, when it's raining, coming up for air often means a mouthful of water. You'll need to practice breathing to the side while tucking your face towards your underarm to prevent taking in a bunch of water.

Sight in the Rain

Not only is breathing harder in the rain, seeing where you are can also be a hassle. You'll need to sight more often to ensure you're not going off-course. To make this easier, invest in light colored goggles.

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