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When it comes to exercise and working out there are many more benefits than those you can imagine. Athletic Republic in Santa Ana we want to discuss one of those very important benefits that is not always talked about.

Exercise Will Boost Your Mood

Exercise can have a positive affect in your mood. In fact most people imagine exercise and working out as an activity that brings pain and suffering. However, the true reaction your body has to constant exercise or training is the complete opposite of this. Of course your muscles get sore if you train correctly but the actual mental emotions you experience are far from painful.

Factors in Exercise That Affect Your Mood

There are two main factors that play an important role in how your mood is affected by exercise. Those two main factors are: neurotransmitters and body temperature. Each of these creates a bond between what your body feels and what your mind interprets, that in turn creates a positive reaction in your mood and make you feel good, not just on the outside.

2 Important Factors in Positive Mood Stimulation

Neurotransmitters- Serotonin and dopamine are two of the neurotransmitters that are created and transmitted by your brain after prolonged exercise. They are responsible for the feel good sensation that is sent by your brain to your entire body. These are also responsible for greater amounts of pleasure such as ¨runner´s high¨ and other extremely pleasant signals that your body can experience. This is also what allows you to have not just a healthy body physically but also a positive mental state after every workout. Body temperature- This is a very important factor that is not as common as the other two. Body temperature is responsible for part of the feel good sensation your body experiences. The colder it is the more uncomfortable your body and state of mind  become. That is why many times ¨blue¨ is considered a depressing state just like blue is considered a representative of cold. It is proven that when your body reaches optimal warm conditions it will react by creating a positive emotional reaction. Exercise allows your body  to reach the optimal heat within your body to permit those enjoyable feelings to take place. However the weather is also a factor here, for more information on training in the hot weather please refer to our previous post here.

Sports Training in Santa Ana

Training is not just about your physical health and positive benefits to your physical appearance. It is also about your mental health and the advantages that you obtain such as a good mood, mental clarity and a positive mental state. For all the best exercise and most beneficial program for Sports training in Santa Ana visit Athletic Republic. Call 714 972 2762  today. Don´t miss out on the many benefits of training with us.