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Although you may not realize it, staying hydrated before, during, and after a training session will help you get the most out of efforts. To help you achieve this, check out these hydration tips.

Tips to Help Athletes Stay Hydrated

As an athlete, staying hydrated is a must. Most people are aware that they need to drink water during a training session, but most forget about their body's hydration needs before and after training. To ensure your body is prepared for a workout and has the ability to recover properly, check out these important hydration tips for athletes from Athletic Republic of Orange County.

Hydration Tips to Prepare for a Training Session

Most people don't think about hydration until they're actually training, but if you want to get the most out of your workout staying hydrated should be something you work on all day. Whether you have a competition coming up or are simply keeping up with a training schedule, the efforts you take to stay hydrated throughout the day can impact your performance later on. Starting a training session fully hydrated puts you at an advantage because your body is ready to perform. If you start your sessions dehydrated, your body will have a much harder time performing at the level you're trying to achieve. Think of it as your body having a reservoir to pull from as your body starts to sweat and lose electrolytes. While this sounds very logical, it's actually very common for athletes to show up to training dehydrated. To avoid this, drink plenty of water throughout the day as well as an electrolyte drink to prepare your body to perform. This will help reduce fatigue and help your cardiovascular function throughout your workout.

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Stay Hydrated During a Training Session

Most people are pretty good about showing up to a training session with water or an electrolyte drink to help keep them hydrated as they work their way through their routine. However, many people don't drink enough water because they don't know how much they should be taking in. An easy way to figure this out is by weighing yourself before and after a training session so that you have an accurate read of how much water you've lost. This will help you understand how much water your body needs to stay hydrated and performing well. In some cases, you may even start to feel the effects of dehydration. Look out for telltale signs of dehydration which include: muscle cramps, dry mouth, fatigue, sluggishness, and a drop in performance. More extreme symptoms you may feel also include dizziness and a sensation like you're blacking out. If you start to feel either of these two, stop your training and hydrate your body. It's a good idea to set a timer to remind you to drink more water or an electrolyte drink every so often if you tend to forget. Remember that you are prone to sweating more in hotter conditions, so drink even more water then.

Hydration Matters After a Workout

Once your training is over, don't forget about hydration completely. In fact, staying properly hydrated after a workout can help your body recover better, helping you recover in time for your next workout. While water and an electrolyte drink are great options, consider adding milk to your recovery. The potassium and protein in milk can help you rehydrate while helping your muscles recover as well. If you're worried you may be dehydrated after a training session, there are a couple of ways to know this. First off, if you haven't urinated within a few hours after your workout, you may be dehydrated. If you have urinated, the color of your urine can be very telling. A light, pale yellow is ideal while a darker shade will indicate that you need more water.

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