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The jump rope is an effective tool to build endurance, strengthen bones and muscles, burn calories, and improve your footwork. Is it part of your sports training program yet?

The Jump Rope is a Champion's Tool

Technology will always be advancing. Continually looking for new techniques to bring you the sports training results you seek much faster. Regardless, of the new technological advancements in training methods, there are some tools that never go out of style. Tools like the jump rope. Athletes often underestimate the power of the jump rope. If it has been part of champions’ workouts for so many years, why not include it in yours?

The Effectiveness of a Jump Rope

Exercise researchers haven’t dwelled deep into the effectiveness of jump ropes, which is one of the reasons why many athletes don’t consider them in their sports training regime. Regardless of the lack of studies, the jumping rope should at least be part of your warm up. This inexpensive tool can be used almost anywhere and can help you build endurance and stamina, burn calories, strengthen the muscles and tendons in your shins, ankles, and feet;  strengthen your bones, improve your footwork. In short, jumping rope will help you become a better athlete. Athleticism requires coordination and foot speed, not an amazing set of abs and unbelievable strength. Fortunately, the humble jump rope can help you gain these skills.

Before You Begin

The first thing you need to do before you include jumping rope in your sports training program is get a quality rope. Plastic speed ropes tend to be more effective than weighted and leather ropes. They also allow you to maintain a faster skipping pace. When choosing your rope you need to consider the ideal length. A 9-foot rope will work for most athletes under six feet. If you’re taller than that, you should get a  10-foot rope. You will have to adjust it to suit your height either way. After you find your jump rope, you need to find a place to use it. Ideally, your jumping area should be shock absorbent surfaces such as a gym mat, tennis court, or wood floor. Concrete can be an unforgiving surface. Before you start using the jump rope as a conditioning tool, you need to become proficient with it. For many of us, jumping rope can be a frustrating struggle at first. Think of adding this skill to your sports training goals this year. Once you become skilled in jumping rope it can be a valuable part of your conditioning arsenal. You can talk to your sports trainer or coach about including the jump rope in your training program. The people at Athletic Republic of Orange County can help you design the ideal sports training program for your chosen sport and needs. Call them at (714) 972-2762 to learn about their services in Santa Ana, CA. Don’t forget to ask for a free session when you call.

Jump Rope Styles and Tips

There are several jumping styles you can try. Skipping rope is as challenging as you want it to be, so you’ll never be bored or stuck in a workout rut. Before you try anything else be sure to master jumping up and down. Remember you need to keep your knees soft and jump from your ankles. Side to side jumping is another style you can try. Instead of simply jumping up and down, you should jump from side to side as the rope rotates in front of you. Mix it up by jumping forward and backward. Just hop back and forth over the rope. Once you can do these jumps, move to jumping on one foot. All of these styles can be done with one foot. If you’re looking for something more challenging, you can try running in place with the rope, which means you’ll remain stationary, lifting your knees high with each turn. Basically, you’ll be running in place as the rope spins fast. You can also try double-unders. Double-unders consist in a single jump for every two turns of the rope. This is a really challenging skipping style, so be patient and master running in place before you try it. To help you gain coordination try criss-cross jumping. You need to cross and uncross your arms at the elbows and jump through the rope loop formed in front of your body.

Bring Your Jump Rope to Your Favorite Sports Training Center in Santa Ana, CA

Warm up before your sports training session with some jump rope exercises. Talk to the sports training experts at Athletic Republic of Orange County about incorporating the jump rope into your training routine. Give them a call at (714) 972-2762 to learn about their sports training programs and how they can help you take your training to the next level.