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The holiday season can turn into a real challenge when it comes to your fitness and training routines. If you're worried you won't be able to keep up, use these tips to stay on the right track.

How to Maintain Your Fitness Routine Through the Holiday Season

The holiday season is practically synonymous with feasting, drinking sugar filled cocktails, and enjoying a good seasonal party. While this may be loads of fun, it can mean a setback in your training gains. As you spend more time at the mall looking for the perfect holiday gifts or head out of town to visit family, your training time may be reduced. So, how do you ensure the holidays don't take a toll on your training? Check out these tips from Athletic Republic of Orange County.

Create a Workout Schedule

It's easy to assume you'll have no trouble keeping up with your regular gym schedule, but as the weeks get packed with holiday activities you may find you aren't training as often as you'd like. Instead of assuming you'll make it to training daily, create a schedule that ensures you have enough time to make it to the gym. By simply scheduling training time around holiday events, you'll have an easier time keeping up with your training schedule. Writing down your plans also forces you to commit to them, so pencil some training time into your day.

Plan Workouts During Your Travels

If you're heading out of town to see family or to just get away from the hectic holidays, take some time to plan some training routines for when you're away from home. If you're staying in a hotel, check to see if they have a gym you can use to at least work out. If you're staying with family, look for parks in the area or other spaces you can use for some work outs. Finally, don't forget to pack your training gear! Realizing you have nothing to work out in means you probably won't work out at all.

Get Training Sessions out of the Way

If you usually train in the afternoons, the holiday season can really throw off your training schedule. Since most holiday get-togethers and activities take place in the afternoon, training will quickly be forgotten. To prevent this from happening, set some time aside to train earlier in the day. Shopping malls usually don't open until late morning and parties are even later, so morning sessions will be perfect. Let Athletic Republic of Orange County help you keep up with your sports training  this holiday season. Ask about all of their sports training options by contacting them at  (714) 972-2762.

Find Training Buddies

If you need some extra motivation to keep up with your training this holiday season, a buddy system may be just what you're after. You don't necessarily have to work out with your training buddy for this to work either. If you have a friend who is also in need of extra motivation, devise a system where you check in with each other before or after a training session. You can share your training schedules with each other and keep track of how many sessions you each make it to every week. Since you'll have to check in with someone else this will make you more accountable and committed to your training.

Make Time for Mini Workouts

If you find that you're missing training sessions or cutting short the ones you do make it to, look for ways to squeeze some workouts in during your day. You don't have to use your lunch break to run a 5K, but simple changes in your daily routine can be beneficial. For example, take the stairs to your office instead of using the elevator. If you walk or bike to work, make time to take a route that's a bit longer. If you like to get together with your friends to watch football, why not use halftime to throw the ball around outside? These small changes may not feel like much, but they'll keep you more active during the day.

Sports Training in Santa Ana, CA Can Help You Reach Your Goals

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