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A mental block is something that stops you from reaching your goals. Mental blocks come from within, and they can be quite discouraging. Here are some strategies to help you overcome your mental blocks and thrive.

Your Sports Training Can Be Ruined By Your State of Mind

Performance is 90...
The jump rope is an effective tool to build endurance, strengthen bones and muscles, burn calories, and improve your footwork. Is it part of your sports training program yet?

The Jump Rope is a Champion's Tool

Technology will always be advancing. Continually looking for new techniques to bring...
Treadmills on for granted. They’re considered the easiest, way to do cardio. Many of us don’t use the treadmill to its full capacity. Here’s how you can get more out of your treadmill workout.

Maximize Your Treadmill Cardio

Ah! The treadmill, a cardio classic. The perfect place to waste time at...
A new year has arrived. A new year to set goals and actually keep them. Here’s a guide to help you set sports training goals that you can actually maintain.

This is the Year You Reach Your Sports Training Goals

Think back on last January; you probably said this was going to be the year when you...
The last thing you want to do on a cold winter morning is get up and head to the gym. To help motivate you, here are some of the benefits of getting your sports training done in the morning.

Reap the Perks of Morning Work Outs

Working out in the morning is not the most appealing idea. Just...
Anyone can fall into a fitness slump and not feel inspired to reach their sports training goals. Are you in a workout rut? Find out some of the signs you are stuck in a rut and how you can get out of it.

If the mere idea of getting yourself into your workout gear and heading to the gym makes...
Soccer requires more than just dribbling and shooting skills. You need to be able to maintain a steady performance throughout the whole match. To be able to do that, you need to have high stamina, which is often overlooked by soccer players. Here are some suggestions to work on your endurance.


Female athletes experience dramatically higher rates of specific musculoskeletal injuries and medical conditions compared to male athletes. In particular, ACL injuries occur at a three to six times greater rate in females compared to male athletes playing the same sports. The combination of...

If you're thinking about entering your first triathlon, you need to be well-prepared. A triathlon is no easy feat, after all, it's three disciplines mixed into a single race. Here are some great tips to help you reach that finish line.

Getting Ready for Your First Triathlon With the Best Sports...


Being a good runner is not only about being fast. Runners need to be great athletes in order to be able to handle high mileage runs and tough workouts. A great sports training program can help you become a better athlete and a superior runner, here is how. If you’re looking to become a better...