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Being a good runner is not only about being fast. Runners need to be great athletes in order to be able to handle high mileage runs and tough workouts. A great sports training program can help you become a better athlete and a superior runner, here is how. If you’re looking to become a better...
Sweat is part of any sports training program, some people enjoy it and others don't. Perspiration plays a big role in helping you reach your athletic goals, find out how in this post.

Sweating and Temperature Regulation with the Experts in Sports Training in Santa Ana, CA

Sweat is our body's...
An injury can leave you out of the game for a whole season. The best way to avoid getting injured while sports training in Santa Ana is to follow some simple steps to prevent injuries.

Easy Ways to Prevent Getting Hurt While Sports Training in Santa Ana, CA

Injuries are not uncommon while...

Benefits to Switching to Morning Training

Working out can be a challenge, but ;instead of the workout, it may just be your timing. If you ;usually work out or complete your training sessions during the day or after work, ;Athletic Republic Orange County has a few benefits to share about morning...

Easy to Follow Tips to Get a Good Night Sleep

It can be easy to focus all ;of your training planning on food and exercise that you forget what happens when you aren't working out. ;Athletic Republic Orange County has put together five easy to follow tips to help your body sleep and recover. ;

When it comes to exercise and working out there are many more benefits than those you can imagine. Athletic Republic in Santa Ana we want to discuss one of those very important benefits that is not always talked about.

Exercise Will Boost Your Mood

Exercise can have a positive affect in your...
We can workout everyday, have a healthy diet and great habits, but if we do not know where our motivation comes from, there will always be limitations in what we are truly capable of. We have talked about how to motivate yourself to exercise before on another post. However, today the experts at ...

Sports Training is Not Just Exercise.

There is an enormous difference between exercising and training. In sports training, the distinction between an athlete and just another player lies in whether he just exercises or trains. We have given you several tips on previous post,  that explain how to...

Take Care of Your Physical ; Mental Health: 3 Tips to Start Your Day Off Right

Balancing work, school, hobbies, and personal relationships while still getting your daily workout in can be overwhelming. Exercise releases endorphins that can be crucial in keeping not only our mood up, but also...

How Much Sleep Do We Need?

On average, people need 7 hours and 15 minutes of sleep in a 24 hour period. Researchers suggest that this does not have to be all at once and that genetics plays a large role in just how much sleep an individual requires. Some people may only require five hours...