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We are sure you are aware of the importance of the right footwear for your athletic venture. Although there are certain sports that do not require a traditional shoe, or even a shoe at all. Swimmers are not diving into the pool in their best running shoes, it’s true, nor does a ballerina leap...
As an athlete, you spend many hours training and perfecting your skills, so you can have the confidence you need for that big game or competition. ;

However, it’s normal to get nervous and there are many things can affect negatively your performance. At Athletic Republic in Orange County, we know...
You can still purchase these specials up until Aug 30th and use them the balance of the year!

All Sport Specials
24 Sessions (Speed, Agility, Volleyball, and or Hockey)
Pre and Post Test
4 Weightlifing Sessions
4 Sport Yoga Sessions

Baseball/Softball Specials
24 Sessions Speed and Agility
Pre and...
Bring them in for a complimentary team training session! It's a great way to introduce your teammates to a great way to train. ;

Contact us at 714-972-2762 and ask for...

Athletic Republic’s marketing campaign titled ‘We Know Athletes’ is more than a marketing tagline, it speaks to the soul of the Athletic Republic brand and to the core of why each of our performance sports trainers proudly wears the circle-star logo. ‘We Know Athletes’ is our rallying call to...
As an athlete, you are likely well versed in what the physiology of an athlete should be. You’ve also probably got your favorite ‘go to’ foods to help you get pumped for a great workout or competition. However, if this is still new to you or you’re just looking to branch out a bit, Athletic...
As an athlete you want to be the best, the strongest, the fastest, the most limber, the one with the best performance all the time. Every sports training is different, but they all aim to make you the best in your area. Athletes are constantly looking for ways to be better at what they do. There...

Every March, College Basketball manages to offer us a month’s worth of excitement through a host of buzzer beaters, Cinderella stories, and impressive team achievements. For most college coaches, and just like their peers coaching high school and AAU teams; their next season begins when they exit...

What does it take to be football fast? For the past 27 years, Athletic Republic has recognized that speed is a skill that can be taught, developed and improved. More than one million athletes have benefited from this expertise, which now includes the NFL Combine 40-Yard Dash King, John Ross III....
Any professional sports trainer or athlete can name the most important elements of effective sports training: how many reps they need to do, which diet they should follow, and which supplements to take. Many people overlook that fact  that part of a balanced training program is getting enough...