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As an athlete, you spend many hours training and perfecting your skills, so you can have the confidence you need for that big game or competition. ;

However, it’s normal to get nervous and there are many things can affect negatively your performance. At Athletic Republic in Orange County, we know how stressful this can be. For this reason, we would like to share with you a few advices to help your prepare for a competition. ;


It’s important that you prepare yourself everyday, that way you can rely on your skills to achieve your goals. However, you should train light a few days before the competition, so you avoid being fatigued, and don’t forget to have all your equipment ready! ;


Avoid eating greasy or high fiber foods before the competition, they will slow down your digestion and could lead to discomfort. ;Try instead lean protein, vegetables and fruits. Don’t forget that each person is different, so make sure to find out which foods work better for you before a competition. ;

Sleep ;

A good night’s sleep is fundamental not only for your cognitive functions, but also for your physical performance. Remember to have 7-8 hours of sleep before the competition.

Prepare Mentally

Mental preparation is also very important; remember that you should be confident in your training and skills. Focus on your performance and create strategies that can lead you to a successful mindset. ;

Don’t allow that a small distraction ruin what you have been working for. Remember these simple but effective details that can have a positive impact on your performance, plus they will help to boost your confidence.

Behind your self-assurance there must be a solid work, discipline and other characteristics that will transform you into a great athlete, and at Athletic Republic, we can help you to boost your skills with our scientifically based programs. Think about us next time you are looking for sports training in Orange County. If you wish to find out more about our programs, please call (714) 972-2762.