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How to Prepare Your Body and Your Mind for a Marathon

When it comes to the different types of sports training programs in Orange there is your regular sports training such as baseball and basket, there are the special training requirements that come with swimming training, and then there is marathon training. Unlike other types of training, those who train for a marathon find it the most strenuous of them all. If you’re used to some of the above-mentioned types of training and are a little unsure about where to start with training for a marathon, Athletic Republic of Orange County - Training Center has compiled some top tips to help get started in achieving the level of performance needed to complete a marathon.

What You Wear Matters

When it comes to weights and regular gym visits, the focus for what you wear is mostly related to fashion and how you feel comfortable looking. Other times it could just be what was clean the morning before you rushed out the door. When it comes to a marathon, however, what you wear has an enormous impact on your performance and injury reduction.

Start with your shoes

Speak with your trainer or a podiatrist and get the right fit for the right shoe. While a regular sports show can provide great benefits to low-level workouts, or just walking between your circuit training, intense and extensive running has the very serious risk of causing injury to your feet, so pay attention to what you put on them.

Freedom of Movement

When choosing what else to wear during your training, and even on the day, the focus should be on movement and the removal of moisture from your skin. Skins can be a good place to start and can often come pre-stitched into running shorts to help keep your legs free and comfortable. When choosing your top, shy away from thick or restrictive t-shirts and instead, opt for singlet made from a sports material that draws sweat away from your body as you run. Of all the sports training programs in Orange, marathon training can often be the most exhausting, and if not performed correctly, can lead to serious injury. Speak with Athletic Republic of Orange County - Training Center at 714 972 2762 and speak with a training professional about how your current sports training programs in Orange can be adjusted and adapted to meet the goals required to successfully run a marathon.

Watch What You Eat

Where you may be used to bulking up before an event, the best benefits can often be seen from slimming down before a marathon. While this doesn’t mean you should aim to lose weight, it does mean that you may need to adjust your diet to reduce the intake of fats. A focus on cleaner and leaner meals can see the best benefits when it comes to muscle growth before a marathon. This is often the hardest aspect of marathon training for a weights trainer to grasp, given that they are always looking to bulk up, especially their upper body. The concern, however, is that your upper body, in particular, your biceps aren’t going to be much help to you during an extensive run such as a marathon.

Don't Just Jump Right Into It

While you shouldn’t delay your marathon training, taking on the training program of an Olympic gold medalist is only going to land you in a world of pain, and potential injury. Work with your trainer and look at options to ease your way into sports training programs in Orange geared towards marathon completion. This isn't’ to say that you should only run 100 meters on your first day, it does mean that you shouldn’t attempt to run 10,000. Learn to activate and push muscles which you may not be used to exercising in a safe way to ensure you can actually make it to race day.

Finding the Most Beneficial Sports Training Programs in Orange

With the amount of information available it can often be difficult to know which are the right programs and techniques for you, especially if you’re completely new to marathon running or any level of endurance training. Speak with a professional at Athletic Republic of Orange County - Training Center at 714 972 2762 and ask about moving your sessions to a sports training facility in Orange which is purpose-designed to help you reach your goals, whatever they may be, safely and quickly. Of course, these facilities aren't limited to marathon training. Athletic Republic of Orange County - Training Center  can help you with a wide range of sports training programs in Orange.