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There are people who enjoy running and athletes. The first group settles with just running for exercise, athletes add weights to their sports training. As a result they are stronger, healthier and better performers. They also don’t get injured as often as regular runners would. ; On this occasion Athletic Republic of Orange County will tell you why you, as an athlete, should balance your sports training with strength training.

Run Faster

When runners look to be faster and increase their running routine, they are more likely to get injured. Running is more of a cardiovascular activity and it won’t make your legs stronger, just leaner. In order to have stronger legs you need to prepare your muscles with strength training. After an injury, runners have to go into rehabilitation and what’s is it that they do there? Strength training to make muscles strong again. Strength training doesn’t only build stronger muscles, it will also help your boy improve its efficiency to use oxygen and energy. In endurance sports, like running and cycling, the ability to efficiently use oxygen is very important because it means you can maintain a fast pace for a longer time, and run faster overall.

Lower Body Fat

Lowering the mount of body fat in your body will make you lighter and faster. Running will undoubtedly make you lose weight, but it has to be done in enormous quantities and very high intensity. Adding strength training to your running routine will help you get lean without having to increase your running intensity or distance.

Better Final Kick

Since you will be gaining more leg strength by using weights in your sports training, you will be able to generate more force when pushing off the ground. Combine this newly created force, with the energy and oxygen you’ve learned to economize, your final kick will be greatly improved. ;Strength training allows you to increase the number of strides per minute. Not sure of what strength training routine is right to improve your running? You should come to Athletic Republic of Orange County, they will help you design the appropriate sports training program for your specific needs. Call them at: (714) 972-2762 to let them help you become the fastest runner you can be.

Improved Sleep

Having better sleep is a benefit anyone could use. Sleeping better improves our daily performance and mood. Weight lifting improves your quality of sleep, making you wake up less times during the night.

Injury Prevention

As mentioned before a strong body has less chances of getting injured. Strength training will help you prevent future injuries and get rid of some of you chronic pain. Building stronger muscles improves your posture and improper motor patterns.

Core Strength

Core strength refers to the muscles in the center of your body; your abs, back and pelvis. They are necessary to have stability, form and balance. You don’t even need special equipment to strengthen your core: squats, lunges, planks and bridges can easily be done anywhere. Sometimes all you need is your own body for resistance.

Body Composition and Balance

Strength training doesn’t mean you’ll bulk up in muscle. Endurance exercises degrade the muscle, strength training will counter this degradation process. You won’ become super muscley, but there will be some difference. No one has a perfectly proportioned body, there is always a leg or an arm that needs more work than the other, or that reacts a bit slower. Spending a lot of time hunched over a desk, or in women’s case childbirth and wider hips cause muscle imbalance. ;Running makes it easier for the strongest muscles to do all the work, the weaker ones just don’t work as hard. If you’re looking to become a better athlete, this won’t do. It can only lead to poor and inefficient running and an eventual injury. Strength training will help balance this disproportions, since you work each leg separately in many exercises. You will be strengthening every major muscle group. Adding weights to your sports training routine will also help you gain better balance and stability. Bones get weaker as we grow older and weightlifting provide protection. Also, better balance and stability allow you to better distribute your weight as you run. Meaning you will be running faster, safer and with less chances of injuring yourself while training.

Sports Training for Runners

Athletic Republic Orange County will help you combine the perfect balance between running and weight lifting for a well balanced sports training. Call them up at: ;(714) 972-2762 to ;start your training now, with the best team.