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We are sure you are aware of the importance of the right footwear for your athletic venture. Although there are certain sports that do not require a traditional shoe, or even a shoe at all. Swimmers are not diving into the pool in their best running shoes, it’s true, nor does a ballerina leap onto the stage in cleats. Even so, the importance of the right footwear cannot be overlooked! At Athletic Republic in Orange County we want our athletes to be absolutely prepared when they enter the court, field, or track. It is with this in mind that we would like to offer EIGHT tips in selecting the right shoe for your sport!

- Don’t make your shoes multitask. This is especially true if you are on a team or league, and you play often. Get shoes that are specialized for your sport.
- If possible, purchase your shoes at a store that specializes in your sport or activity. The more specialized the store, the more the employees will understand about your needs
- Don’t think that you’ll “break the shoes in” before trying them on the field. As these are specialized for your sport they should be comfortable and ready for play, right away
- If you need socks for the sport, then where those socks to try on shoes. You don’t want to find that once you put on your soccer cleats with your soccer socks, your shoes no longer fit!
- Make sure that the shoes are laced as you would lace them. If not, don’t feel strange unlacing and relacing the shoes the way you would want to wear them. Remember you are there to buy shoes and the store attendants should want to assist you ;

If you have been using the wrong shoes, when you find the right ones, your feet will thank you. In fact, your entire body will. Their importance cannot be overlooked. Whether you’re preparing for a competition or otherwise, Athletic Republic want to help you become the best. Having the right footwear is an excellent first step. To schedule your athletic assessment and to get the best sports training in Orange County, give us a call, 714-972-2762!