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A good night’s sleep is crucial to replenish your energy and keep your cognitive skills in perfect condition. However, this is even more important in athletes who need to have enough and quality sleep to improve their performance and concentration during their training and competitions. For this reason at Athletic Republic in Orange County, we would like to share useful advice on this topic. ;


It’s very important that you allocate enough time to sleep during the night, remember that the average recommended sleep for school-age children is 9-11 hours, the standard for teenagers is 8-10 hours and 7-9 hours per night for adults. Therefore, set regular sleep-wake times to train your internal clock into a good routine.

The Right Environment

Sleep hygiene is somehow overlooked and you should consider making a few adjustments. Install heavy drapes in your bedroom, as light may interfere with your sleep cycles. Also, create a bedtime ritual to relax and have the right frame of mind to sleep. Remember that electronic devices emit blue light that can disturb your sleep and you should refrain from using them an hour before bedtime. ;

Food ; Drink

A light snack or meal is recommended before bedtime, as it will prevent hunger getting in the way of a good night’s sleep. Stay clear of large meals and greasy foods. Also, you should look out for caffeinated drinks that you may consume during the day and that can disrupt your sleep at night. ;

Sleep can be somehow neglected in an athlete's routine and these simple ideas can help you improve it. Having the right diet also has a direct impact on your performance, however there are a few foods with low nutritional content that can have the opposite effect, so be sure to read our guide on foods for athletes to avoid. ;

For Sports Training in Orange County

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