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Being a good runner is not only about being fast. Runners need to be great athletes in order to be able to handle high mileage runs and tough workouts. A great sports training program can help you become a better athlete and a superior runner, here is how. If you’re looking to become a better runner, you need to work at becoming a better athlete. Runners can really improve themselves by working more on improving their overall athleticism instead of merely focusing on moving forward in a straight line. Sports training at Athletic Republic of Orange County can help you become a first- class athlete and in the process a better runner too. You see, athletes are more resistant to injuries and have a superior brain-muscle connection which makes them excel at what they do. Here are some qualities athletes have that can translate into faster running.


Recently, popular opinion has moved towards declaring stretching before a run pointless. These people probably think that having great flexibility is not something an athlete or a runner should have, after all, it only matters how fast you can go. Flexibility, unlike endurance and speed, is often overlooked when it comes to designing a sports training program for a runner. A flexible body, however, is better at gaining strength and endurance, has a wider range of motion, is less prone to injuries, has a quicker recovery period, and is overall more efficient. Although it is true that sometimes overly stretched muscle fibers lose their ability to function properly and create delayed muscle soreness, you’re not aiming to become a circus performer. What you need is to lengthen your muscles and work on your core strength, both of which you can achieve with flexibility exercises. Start your workout with some dynamic stretches, think burpees, jump rope, or body weight squats. After your workout, do some gentle static stretches to lengthen those muscles. Even treating yourself to a sports massage can help build flexibility.

Core Strength

Core strength allows runners to maintain a good form and stay upright when running, even when you're beyond tired yet really close to the end of a race. You might think that by strengthening your core you only need to be working on your abs. You should know that your core is made up of your abdominal muscles, hamstrings, hips, glutes, quads, obliques, hip flexors, and lower back. A strong core is less prone to injuries because it maintains the pelvis properly aligned. Among the other benefits of a strong core is improving your running efficiency. In order to run faster or keep a steady pace, you need to be able to use plenty of muscle fibers. Using the same ones over and over will make you get tired faster. Core strength gives you better access to more muscle fibers so you can delay fatigue. As a result of higher running efficiency and reducing the risk of injuries, you get more speed. Speed comes from consistency, and by preventing injuries you’ll be able to consistently train without needing to rest to recover from an injury. A sports training program designed by one of the trainers at Athletic Republic of Orange County can help you increase your flexibility and core strength while helping you reach your running goals. Just call them at (714) 972-2762 to talk about how they can help you. Don't forget to schedule a free session!

Explosive Power

In order to be faster, you need to train faster. Explosive training or plyometrics is used by many athletes. Strangely enough, many runners don’t train this way. You can improve your energy economy and power by working on your muscle’s stretch- reflex response and increasing your muscle elasticity. Explosive power comes from high intensity, explosive workouts that use weights or your own body weight. By adding these type of exercises to your sports training routine, you’ll be able to run further and faster burning less energy. Explosive training increases the amount of muscle fibers you can use. Your body will be able to call upon more fibers when it starts to begin feeling fatigued. Explosive power will help you push off the ground with more power and last longer during a race.

Sports Training in Santa Ana to Reach Your Athletic and Running Goals

There you have it. In order to be a better runner you need to be a better athlete and develop plenty of athletic habits and skills. A well-rounded sports training program can help you achieve your goals. Call Athletic Republic of Orange County at (714) 972-2762 to learn about their personal trainers and sports training options. Let them help you be the runner you wish to be.