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Sports Training is Not Just Exercise.

There is an enormous difference between exercising and training. In sports training, the distinction between an athlete and just another player lies in whether he just exercises or trains. We have given you several tips on previous post,  that explain how to unlock your potential to be a great Athlete, you can read them here. Now, here at Athletic Republic in Santa Ana we want to tell you exactly what distinguishes an Athlete from just another player. It is very important to start with a good foundation not just physically but also mentally and knowing the difference between exercising and training will allow you to keep the correct mind set to get to where you want to be.

Real Athletes do Not Exercise They Train

Exercise is carrying out a series of movements that provide health benefits and although exercising is beneficial it usually carries no defined long term goal. What is a defined long term goal? In sports training it is an intentional and progressive objective that drives you to continuously improve your performance. Many times to exercise simply means  to carry out the movements in a workout, and this can be done by inertia without any objectives, thus defeating the structure of what makes a true athlete. This is why real Athletes do not just exercise or workout, they train. Training is to have a specific long term goal, a driving motivation, that keeps you competing against yourself to make every training session better than the last, and to continually improve in all aspects. This includes your decisions, and your level of effort during and after your training session. Choices outside the training session and lifestyle decisions are determined by a training mentality and this is part of what distinguishes exercise from training, your mentality.

Training is The Lifestyle of an Athlete

Training is the lifestyle of an athlete, it means living with a greater purpose and a set goals in mind, it is working in a way that brings you closer and closer to a greater long term objective and helps you reach your mission.  This mission or goal can be winning a competition, finishing a race or becoming the best in your position. Now that you know the difference, decide to start training and stop just exercising. Define what is your mission as an athlete. What are your long term goals? Start doing what it takes to reach them!

Sports training in Santa Ana

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