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Eating the right types of food not only will this give you more energy during workouts and improve your performance, but also help you feel better throughout the day. The staff here at Athletic Republic in Santa Ana, CA would like to share a few tips to help supercharge your body for your next training session.


Everyone sweats during exercise, how much depends on how hard you workout, the environment, and even your genes. To figure out if you have enough water in your body, weigh yourself before and after your workouts. If you have lost weight, make sure to drink an extra 16 ounces for each pound lost before the next time you workout.


Carbs are the fuel that maintains your body during exercise. To help maintain body weight, health, and performance, it is recommended that you consume enough carbs to keep you going during high-paced, longer training sessions for stamina.


How much protein your body needs depends not just on your size, but also on the type of exercises you are doing. Athletes should get 15 to 20 percent of their daily calories from protein. If you are aiming for endurance, such as running or walking, you may not have to eat as much protein as you would if you were trying to build muscle mass.

Healthy Diet

Diet is one of the many things that can make an impact on both the health and performance of an athlete. It's like putting the best, high-grade fuel into a car will help lead to good performance. The overall pattern of eating the right balance of carbs and protein will ensure you not only get the macro-nutrients you need for fuel and for supporting muscle mass, but also micro-nutrients or vitamins and minerals.

Personal Sports Training in Santa Ana

Our programs at Athletic Republic are scientifically created to target specific skills and traits you need to develop your athletic abilities. Whether you need to improve your agility or build your strength, call (714) 972-2762 to schedule personal sports training in Santa Ana today.