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A superhero doesn’t always need super powers. Besides the tights, cape and mask, a superhero needs strength, endurance and agility. Here at Athletic Republic in Santa Ana, California, these three things are at the core of our training courses. Getting you into shape and ready for competition is our goal. Below is an explanation of what can make you a superhero.


Strength training is exercising your muscles to increase your physical strength. There are two types of strength training, Relative and Absolute. If you are a rock climber or gymnast where physical strength without bulk is needed, you will want Relative strength training, which is building maximum strength combined with low-calorie intake and cardio workouts. Absolute strength training is for the heavy-duty lifters. More body weight and bigger muscles are their goals.


It is the ability to remain active over a long period and be able to withstand fatigue. This type of training helps to improve your cardiovascular system, respiratory system, and muscles. Running, swimming, and biking are the top three sports associated with endurance training. Endurance training enhances your performance, gives you energy and increases your metabolism.


This type of training helps with balance, coordination and speed. Agility is the ability to move your body in a quick, concise and controlled way. Transition runs, cone drills and jumping rope are three types of agility training. Transition runs include walking, jogging and running while quickly changing direction. Cone drills improve agility by jumping, running and weaving between cones set up in patterns without losing balance or speed. Jumping rope with feet together, alternate feet, side to side or back and forth, helps an athlete with balance and speed.

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