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Motivation - It's the foundation and power within that all champion athletes that strive to accomplish their goals. Without a desire and determination to improve your sports performance, everything else including, confidence, intensity, and focus, means nothing. To become a champion, you must be motivated to do what it takes to maximize your ability and achieve your goals. The trainers at Athletic Republic in Santa Ana would like to tell you about this very important emotion.

Basic Definition

The definition of motivation is, the ability to initiate and persist at a task, having a strong reason to act or accomplish something. To perform your best, you must be willing to begin the process of developing as an athlete and you must truly desire to maintain your efforts until you have achieved your goals.

The Impact of Motivation

Motivation will impact everything that influences your sports performance: physical conditioning, tactical training, mental preparation, and even your lifestyle including sleep, diet, school or work, and relationships. In the face of fatigue, boredom, pain, and the desire to do other things, you must be willing to work hard.

Having Control

The reason motivation is so essential is that it is the only contributing factor to your sports performance over which you have control. There are three things that affect how well you perform, ability, difficulty of the competition, and the weather. You have no control over these factors.


Motivation will directly influence the level of success that you will ultimately achieve. If you are competing against someone of equal skill, it will not be ability that will determine the outcome. Rather, it will be the athlete who works the hardest, doesn't give up, and performs their best when it counts. In other words, the athlete who is most motivated to win.

Sports Training in Santa Ana, California

Our training programs are designed specifically for motivated athletes preparing for the upcoming season, gaining an advantage during the off-season and keeping their skills sharp after the season has begun. Call Athletic Republic at (714) 972-2762 for more information or check our schedule of classes online.