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Benefits to Switching to Morning Training

Working out can be a challenge, but ;instead of the workout, it may just be your timing. If you ;usually work out or complete your training sessions during the day or after work, ;Athletic Republic Orange County has a few benefits to share about morning ;training.
  • It doesn't matter what you do during your day, after a workout you will have the constant feeling of accomplishment. After all, before you got to work you did a 5km run!
  • After training, food can ;taste better. More so, the morning is when your body is naturally ready ;to be re-fueled. If you find it hard to eat ;after a workout, try breakfast instead.
  • When it comes to performance, your body performs better during the morning. If ;you aren't motivated to exercise during the day or you find you aren't getting the results you expected, give morning sessions a try.
  • Morning ;workout sessions are a great way to get any stress out before you get to work. If you have a stressful meeting coming up, use the morning workout to focus your energy and ;mind.
  • A recent study has shown that the human body can burn up to 20% more fat when morning exercise is utilized, and before you have eaten. While there can be differing views of exercising on an empty stomach, speak with your trainer about how this can work for you.

Sports Training in Santa Ana

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