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You have the potential to become a great athlete! Here at Athletic Republic in Santa Ana, we have the expertise to help you achieve your goal. Successful athletes have a set of traits that should be followed by the potential champion. Here are a few….

Going for the Goal

Successful athletes have a clear understanding of what they are aiming for. A goal to be focused on without being distracted. During competition, tunnel vision of the goal can be a huge advantage.

Performing Under Pressure

Build effective strategies to get yourself pumped up and minimize nerves at the same time. Getting into the zone and staying there will help you perform under pressure.

Maintaining Attention

Winning is all about maintaining focused attention. During competition, it's easy to get distracted and wound-up. Step back, take a deep breath, and if you have a mantra, use it in your mind during key moments.

Manage Your Energy

Champions know how to manage their energy so that they can give it their all when the time comes. They use good rest and recovery strategies and healthy eating to keep their bodies at an optimum level.

Persistence and Consistency

Top scoring athletes continue to apply themselves consistently. They have a rhythm that they follow, and they stay with this rhythm over time. Persistence can produce stamina.

Emotional Support

The best champions will surround themselves with a strong support network. They ask for help when needed. They let go of ego and concern of other people's perceptions. They do what they need to do in order to win.

These are just a few steps to get you into the mindset of a champion. Unlock your potential. Contact Athletic Republic in Santa Ana at (714) 972-2762 or e-mail Take a look at the blog post: What Makes a Superhero?