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As an athlete you want to be the best, the strongest, the fastest, the most limber, the one with the best performance all the time. Every sports training is different, but they all aim to make you the best in your area. Athletes are constantly looking for ways to be better at what they do. There are different training programs you can combine, as an athlete, to improve your performance. Through this post Athletic Republic of Orange County has enlisted training tips to consider if improving your athletic performance is part of your sports training goals this year.

Improving Your Athletic Performance with Three Different Training Programs in Santa Ana, CA

Improved Performance Involves Mental Training

Everything that we do is affected by our state of mind. If you go to a competition thinking you’re going to lose, even if you’ve been training to your best potential, you’ll probably lose. If instead you go there, thinking you’re a winner and visualizing yourself on first place, you odds of winning will be higher. Part of your sports training towards improved performance should include mental training. Performance anxiety can lead to muscle tension. When the muscles are tense, they need more energy to move. On top of that an anxious and nervous athlete won’t be able to respond fast enough to unexpected challenges. What you need to reduce this anxiety is start a mental strength training program.  Basically you’d be working on developing strong mental, social, moral, and emotional skills. Skills that will help you set goals, handle pressure and criticism, and stay focused on the task you’re performing. These mental skills won’t only help you improve your sports performance, they will also help you improve your performance in other areas of life like, career, school, and relationships. Your sports training should include mental preparation. If you're in Santa Ana, CA and are in need of an athletic coach to get you in the right state of mind and help you prepare a sports training plan, call Athletic Republic of Orange County at (714) 972-2762.

Improved Performance Involves Strength Training

Any sports training that involves improving your muscular strength can be considered strength training. A perfect combination of resistance training, weight training, and isometric training will give you the results you’re looking for. Strength training  often involves: sets, repetition, set resistance, and rest periods between sets. Resistance training involves any type of sports training where resistance is created during the exercise. The athlete needs more strength, speed, and power to complete each activity as the resistance grows. Resistance training exercises are often used in cyclists’, runners’, and swimmers’ routines. Weight training includes machine weights, dumbbells, barbells, and weight plates. Weight training can actually be very versatile. The combination of repetitions, rest periods, and number of sets bring diverse benefits for different performance goals. Weight training is particularly beneficial to weight lifters, gymnasts, rugby players, and football players. Isometric training happens when the muscle produces a force, but there is no change in the length of a muscle. Exercises that don’t change muscle length are especially important for: some types of martial arts, dance, and gymnastics. This type of training requires little to no equipment, it can basically be done with just your body weight. Yoga is a great example of an exercise that uses isometric training for increased strength. In fact, you should read a little about why you should include yoga in your sports training.

Improved Performance Involves Aerobic Training

A great athlete is overall in good shape. There is no use if being a very strong weightlifter if you out of breath climbing some stairs, which is why aerobic training is necessary. Aerobic training focuses on improving the cardiovascular system. A strong cardiovascular system allows the heart to pump more oxygen throughout the muscles. There are three types of aerobic training: continuous, Fartlek, and long interval.
  • Continues training consists in performing a single exercise for an extended period of time with no rests. It’s very useful for sports such as: swimming, marathons, cycling, and skiing. Unfortunately, it can become boring over time.
  • Fartlek training requires that the intensity of the exercise change at random times. This random changes replicate the body’s ability to adapt quickly to new intensities during various sports.
  • Long interval training is when an athlete goes through long periods of high workloads followed by a short period of rest. For instance, a runner could run for three minutes or more, and walk for a minute or less.

Improved Performance Involves Flexibility Training

This type of training is meant to improve your joints’ range of motion.  Flexibility training, also known as stretching is necessary in any type of sports training program. Increased flexibility can improve muscular strength, endurance, and aerobic fitness. It also helps prevent injuries, decrease soreness, and stiffness. Flexibility training is often neglected by training athletes and coaches. It's easy to include this type of exercises in the active recovery period of your routine.

Sports Training in Santa Ana, CA to Improve Your Athletic Performance

If you need a great place and team to help you improve your athletic performance, come to Athletic Republic of Orange County. Give them a call at (714) 972-2762 to learn how they can help you build a sports training program to reach your goals in Santa Ana, CA.