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Finding a personal trainer is not a hard task, but finding a good personal trainer can prove a tad more difficult. In order to achieve great results, you need a person who is invested in your sports training process as much as you are. A personal trainer should be someone who you can trust to deliver the desired results, someone who pushes you, but understands your limits. Athletic Republic of Orange County has prepared this guide to help you on your search for your ideal personal trainer in Orange.

Passion and Interest for Fitness and Sports Training

Ideally, a personal trainer should physically reflect what they do, in other words: they should be fit. This doesn’t mean they have to be athletes because being an athlete is more about natural talent. Being fit is a product of determination, dedication, and passion. Your coach should be someone who is in love with what they do and enjoy coaching other people. You should feel inspired to be working with them.


Not everyone’s journey in sports training is the same. Some people find it really hard to work out, especially if they’re overweight or they haven’t done any type of physical activity in a long time. It takes a while for them to get in to the groove of exercising and training. However, the fact that they are looking for a personal trainer means a lot, it means they’re looking for a change. The effort should be admired and respected. A personal trainer should understand this, they should be able to understand that exercising is a big struggle for some clients but they are willing to try.

Communication Skills

This is necessary for almost any job, but personal trainers especially should be able to communicate properly with their clients. A coach shouldn’t just tell their clients what to do, instead, they should listen to their story and their goals. Communication is a two way street.If both parties can’t express their thoughts and manage to be on the same page, neither will succeed. The clients won’t reach their goals and the trainer won’t do their job. While we’re on the subject of communication, why don’t you communicate with Athletic Republic of Orange County to help you find a personal trainer fit for your sports training needs? They have a great team of people you can work with in Orange. Give them a call at (714) 972-2762 to start your sports training journey.


A good coach shouldn’t just know how machines work and what types of exercises will bring results. They should be able to tell you exactly how and why each activity works. A trainer should know about the human body, weight management, injury prevention, and nutrition, among other things. They should be up to date with the ever growing field of exercise and continue learning.


Although it’s great if you can strike up a friendship with your coach, this is first and foremost a professional relationship. You are a paying customer and you should be treated as such. Your trainer should take their job seriously and treat you respectfully.

Attention to Detail

Many people, athletes included, who are determined to achieve a sports goal can sometimes ignore or deny an injury. They often hide their pain so they won’t have to stop their training. A good trainer should be able to look through them and notice the pain they’re trying to hide. If you are one of these people, you need someone who will keep your training safe and avoid making an injury worse.


Look for someone whose personality fits your needs. Perhaps you need someone who pushes you hard and screams when necessary, or maybe you respond better to cheering and positive reinforcement. Talk to some trainers and get a feel of their personality to see if it matches with what you are looking for.


You are already paying for the gym, hiring a personal trainer is an extra cost. Establish a budget and find someone who can work with that. If daily sessions aren't something you can afford, there are many other options you could try.


Lastly, but most importantly, your sports trainer should be someone you can trust and feel comfortable with. All their credentials and skills don’t matter if you don’t feel a connection with them. Think about it, you’ll probably see them on a daily basis. Your sports training in Orange won’t be enjoyable if you dislike your trainer.

For Sports Training in Orange

There’s no better place in Orange to do your sports training than Athletic Republic of Orange County. They have the trainers and the tools to bring your sports training to next level. Begin your training by calling them at (714) 972-2762 to learn more about their staff and services.