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Get the Feedback You Need to Improve With a Sports Training Facility in Santa Ana.

If you’re training for a sport like ice hockey or speed skating, either to be a professional level athlete, for your local sporting competition or even just to show your friends at the local rink that you’ve got what it takes, improvement is always on your mind. And while your team-mates or friends advice on how you can glide better and get the power you need for harder and faster goal attempts are beneficial, they aren’t professional and can lead to potentially serious injuries if not performed correctly. For athletes at all levels, just like yourself, who are looking to safely increase their performance and address all their weaknesses without forgetting to continually build their strengths, it takes a little more than friendly advice. To get the extra level of feedback you need to improve, personalized sports training programs in Santa Ana at a reputable sports training center in Santa Ana are your best bet. With that in mind, Athletic Republic of Orange County - Training Center have some tips to share with you on how moving your training to a purpose designed environment can get you there.

Who Is Watching You?

If you’re training as part of a team then there is likely a coach watching your performance, amongst the other players in the team. If you’re on your own training at your local rink’re on your own. The one very important similarity between the two is that there isn’t anybody dedicated to actively watching every glide and goal attempt that you make to identify even the smallest of improvements that can be made to complement your strengths. When training at a dedicated sports training complex in Santa Ana, individual and professional personal trainers are there right beside you, right behind you, and if need be, right in front of you monitoring every muscle activation and its result in real time. That means that after every track completion or technique you attempt or every goal attempt that you make, you receive immediate feedback on how you can improve the next attempt. The added advantage of this feedback is that professional and dedicated trainers are hands on with their training techniques, giving you real time examples of improvements and showing you exactly where your muscles could be pushing your further. In the case of ice-hockey, our professional trainers are able to show you the smallest changes that you can make to your stance, your swing or even right down to your hip rotation to get the extra power you need that can be the difference between skating and SKATING! While this level of monitoring and feedback used to be reserved for A-grade professionals, with Athletic Republic of Orange County - Training Center it’s right at hand. Speak with Athletic Republic of Orange County - Training Center at (714) 972-2762 and ask about how you can increase your performance, in whichever sport you are training in, through the use of a qualified and experienced trainer with purpose designed sports training programs in Santa Ana.

Training Equipment and Intricate Feedback.

Now that you’ve got a personal trainer who is dedicated solely to improving your performance comes the next big advantage - professional grade training equipment. While most ice-skaters train by doing laps of their local rink or simple back and forth runs with some goal hitting practice thrown in, Athletic Republic of Orange County - Training Center takes a different and more technology based approach. Using advanced training equipment like indoor skating slopes, trainers and yourself are able to practice in a controlled environment without requiring constant stops and starts due to rink size limitations. It’s this very type of equipment that allows trainers and computerized systems to identify the smallest weaknesses throughout your training as well as highlighting and driving improvement from your strengths. While there’s definitely benefit to just skating faster or hitting harder, being given direct feedback on which muscles you are activating, which muscles you shouldn’t be activating, and the best and safe way to activate the ones you should, can often make the difference in your game performance.

A High Quality Sports Training Facility in Santa Ana

If you’re looking to improve your skating speed and your goal hitting performance safely and effectively, or perhaps strength and muscle training is more your thing, Athletic Republic of Orange County - Training Center have you covered with the best trainers within a high-tech sports training center in Santa Ana. Speak with Athletic Republic of Orange County - Training Center at 714-972-2762 and ask about the services you can receive to improve your game, whichever game that may be.