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We can workout everyday, have a healthy diet and great habits, but if we do not know where our motivation comes from, there will always be limitations in what we are truly capable of. We have talked about how to motivate yourself to exercise before on another post. However, today the experts at Athletic Republic in Orange County want to dig deep into where exactly motivation comes from and how this can be used to benefit you.

In Sports Training, What Is Motivation?

Motivation in sports training is a strong desire to continually work towards a goal and to exceed all expectations by thriving in constant improvement.

True Motivation Comes From Within

There are a lot of factors that come into play when it comes to motivation. The motivation to workout and exercise can come from many places but the motivation for true sports training comes mostly from within. In sports training, the need and desire to keep going when it gets tough, is in itself, the motivation. That incredible satisfaction that you taste, the first time you overcome a physical challenge, hooks you intensely. That urge to continue experiencing that satisfaction then becomes the true motivator to continue excelling and fulfilling the thirst for excellence. True motivation comes from your own passion, desire, and devotion to reach a greater objective.

How Finding True Motivation Will Benefit You

That greater objective may be beating your own personal best, taking your team through a victorious championship or overcoming an injury. Whatever the objective is, genuine motivation is born in one place; the mind. The mind is our most powerful tool to reach our goals, it is the creator of motivation that fuels our success. In sports training, we learn first to harvest in our minds that motivation, in order to reach those limitless goals in our bodies. The body has no limits, what places those limits is our minds. Once you understand that you will begin to train with an entire new mindset that will allow you to triumph in every training session, in every game and in every part of your life.

Sports Training in Santa Ana

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