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To many people yoga is a way of life, to many others yoga is something they think they will probably never be into. Yoga is a great way to build muscle and increase flexibility with only one tool: your body. Doing this practice can bring fantastic benefits to your sports training in Garden Grove. If you’re interested in knowing how yoga can help your training read this post that Athletic Republic of Orange County has prepared for you.


Strength training means to exercise while progressively building resistance in order to gradually strengthen the body. The typical method for gaining strength is by adding more and more weights over time. In yoga you use your own body weight to make your muscles stronger in a more balanced approach to strength training. Yoga works multiple muscles groups at the same time in the many poses that require arching, twisting, or pressing. Many of the poses focus on developing core strength, which is basic for many weight lifting exercises. Having a strong core is necessary to avoid back injuries.


In sports training a great range of motion means you can work at strengthening specific muscle groups because you are able to do even more movements. Yoga allows you to develop better flexibility, which in turn helps you reach a bigger range of motion. As a flexible person you’d be able to do movements that any regular inflexible athlete couldn’t. Yoga could actually make you stronger and a much better athletic performer. In sports that require lots of arm movements like tennis, swimming and even golf you’ll soon notice the difference in your arm’s range of motion. Flexibility also keeps you safer from straining a muscle or injuring yourself.


One of the worst things that can happen to an athlete is getting hurt and having to postpone their sports training in Garden Grove until they reach a complete recovery. Practicing yoga can help you recover much quicker, since it increases the blood flow to all those muscles that need mending, not to mention it aids in repairing muscle fibers faster. Take your active recovery day to do some yoga, your body will be thanking you.  After working out really hard your muscles end up contracted and you are left in need of some serious stretching. Yoga elongates your muscles, especially the ones that work harder: shoulders, hamstrings and calf muscles, and hips.


Other than the physical benefits of yoga, it promotes unity. Yoga is a practice done in a group setting. You are joining a group with a common goal of gaining flexibility and peace of mind. Join Athletic Republic of Orange County and be part of their sports training family. They have all the equipment and experience you need to help you in your training. Give them a call at (714) 972-2762 to know more about how they can help you reach your athletic goals in Garden Grove.


Many times we tend to push ourselves beyond our limits, disregarding the possible repercussions to our bodies. Yoga teaches you to respect your body, and know your strengths and limitations.  This is essential to preventing injures caused by sports. Athletes learn to develop body awareness and not push themselves over the edge. During a yoga class you practice steady, conscious breathing which increases oxygen flow in the blood, elongates muscles and works your body without a degenerative response.  All of these results help reduce the possibility of injuries.


Some poses require you to stand without moving for a long period of time, as a consequence you develop endurance. Since you are also working on your mind to by learning to concentrate and focus on one task, you can control your body into lasting longer, like you would on a race. Yoga helps develop endurance and at the same time to concentrate and pace yourself to last longer.


Yoga requires you to clear your mind and live in the moment, being aware of every part of your body. It’ actually a rather difficult task to achieve. The last pose at each class is called savasana or corpse pose, you have to lay down with your eyes closed and let go of everything you have on your mind. Some people find this pose the toughest of all. If you can master it, and concentrate only on positive thoughts and your goal, you can accomplish anything. When you are in the middle of a competition, feeling like you’re about to give up, practicing the concentration and breathing techniques learned at yoga can take you to the finish line.

Reaching Your Sports Training Goals in Garden Grove

If you already have a goal in mind, sports training in Athletic Republic of Orange County can help you achieve it. They’ll provide you with a program designed just for you, and if you combine it with a few yoga classes you’ll reach your target sooner. Call them up at (714) 972-2762 to know how they can help you and your sports training in Garden Grove.