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*All Access Classes: Conditioning, Speed Development, Multi-Directional Explosiveness, Functional Strength, Mobility & Proprioception, Yoga. 

AR Juniors Ages 6-10

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All Access Unlimited Ages 11+ 
AR Juniors Unlimited Ages 6-10 
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High Intensity Endurance Training Focus is on building anaerobic endurance, while enhancing stride length and frequency with proper running mechanics. Our goal is to help our athletes become physically fit and improve explosion for their specific sport. Work is primarily done on the Super Running Treadmill with DartFISH video feedback for analysis. Ages 10+ 

Speed Development
High Intensity Speed Training Focus is on raw linear speed using methods to increase measurables by creating explosive power both vertically & linearly. Emphasis is on making improvements in the stance, start, and drive phase. We work fast twitch muscle fibers and increase explosive power. 

Multi-Directional Explosiveness
High Intensity Agility Training Focus is on changing direction in sport specific movements. Our goal is to make the athlete more agile and more powerful. Emphasis is on improving foot speed, forward and lateral movement, and more explosive power both vertically and in first step. 

Mobility and Proprioception
Total Body Control Focus is on improving athletic movement from the ground up, improved body control, increased mobility and movement efficiency. Also works to increase the body's ability to move efficiently and to react properly to external forces. 

Proprioception is the ability to sense the position and location, and orientation and movement of the body and limbs. 

Sport Specific Strength Training
Focus is on implementing properly periodized programs which increase total body strength, increase body composition as well as prevent injury through increasing proper range of motion. This is an ideal class for anyone looking to increase strength. Perfect preparation class for incoming high school students so they learn how to lift properly before entering the high school weight room.

Sport Yoga
Sport Yoga provides increased flexibility throughout the muscular system; increased mobility in the joints; increased range of motion for overall enhanced performance; increased poise and balance; enhanced agility and maneuverability; strengthens deep connective tissue preventing or minimizing injury; improves circulation, massages internal organs and glands for optimum health; circulates and detoxifies the lymph fluid to speed up recovery time from training; enhances sensory acuity, mental focus, concentration, mental clarity, will power and determination; helps to dissolve pre-competition anxiety and stress.  
SoloSpike Volleyball
SoloSpike focuses on the mechanics involved with developing a powerful volleyball athlete. We improve knowledge of spiking and passing through systematic learning, enhance footwork and arm mechanics, improve muscular load distribution and gain efficiency in specific movements applied on the court. 

Hockey Treadmill
The Hockey Treadmill is specifically designed to improve skating ability through speed, power and efficiency development. With use of DartfFISH technology each player receives immediate feedback as their skating is recorded and played back for immediate viewing. While each players' mechanics are broken down in order to maximize their stride length, recovery, knee bend and proper body positioning, each skating bout on the treadmill allows for these proper mechanics to be learned and perfected allowing for a seamless transition to the ice. Training at high speeds helps the body learn how to skate at high speeds and push its limits while incline training allows the body to recruit 200%-300% more muscle to perform the same movement meaning that the skater is able to skate more powerfully but also more efficiently. 

AR Juniors
A one hour ground-based class for our younger athletes ages 6-11. The focus is on fundamental skills and abilities to develop good movement patterns; eye, hand, foot coordination; and relative strength. We emphasize focus and attention and encourage the athletes so that they grow in confidence. The goal is to prepare young athletes to perform well in their sport or sports of choice and to prepare them for our more advanced classes when they are ready. 

AR Fit
A one hour adult fitness class that focuses on the goals of the adults in the class. Includes a dynamic warm-up, resistance training, stretching, core strength and stability Burn fat and increase lean muscle. Have fun while working out and get results.

Personal Training 
Many of our clients, youth to adult, enjoy the one on one attention of private sessions. This is ideal if you want to work on specific areas of your development as an add on to your small group session or by themselves. 
Here at Athletic Republic, we strive to give you high value at affordable prices. We keep our class sizes small (typically between 6-8) so we can focus on coaching with more individual communication. Our goal is to have strength and conditioning available to our athletes year-round ... as they are athletes year-round. Test - Teach- Train is our philosophy and building confidence is critical. We welcome you to become the best athlete you can be in a positive and productive environment. 

Call us at 714-972-2762 if you are ready to get started on becoming the athlete you want to be.