We are dedicated to partnering with the best companies, products and brands to help athletes accomplish their goals and aspirations. Our mission is to deliver the most advanced training to every athlete who walks through our doors.
Dickinson State University - Dickinson, North Dakota
The series of studies conducted by Pete Leno, M.S., with college athletes at DSU helps us validate new measurement technology and training protocols as part of a mutually beneficial research agreement.

University of Massachusetts - Amherst, Massachusetts
Athletic Republic has provided partial funding to install a new force treadmill at UMass.· Dr. Joseph Hamill, one of the world’s leading biomechanists, will continue his research on human locomotion using this cutting-edge research tool.

The Orthopedic Specialty Hospital - Murray, Utah
The Orthopedic Specialty Hospital (TOSH) is one of the premier orthopedic centers in the U.S. Dr. Jim Walker and his team of researchers and graduate students work in collaboration with Steve Swanson, Chief Science and Technology Officer for Athletic Republic, on various Athletic Republic research projects. TOSH’s world-class sport science laboratories serve as one of Athletic Republic’s primary research and development centers.

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital - Cincinnati, Ohio
Dr. Tim Hewett and his team of researchers at the biodynamics lab are world-renowned for their work in understanding and preventing injuries in sport. One of the original beta testers for the Athletic Republic AccuPower and DartPower products, they continue to provide instrumental feedback in the development of these cutting-edge products.