Our daughter had originally been doing core and plyometric training alone at home, to save a buck. I saw some of our clubs very talented athletes were strength training with AROC and looked into it. I found out how reasonable and affordable the dues were. Our daughter has since been strength training with AROC. She really likes the trainers (They're very personable!), she enjoys comingling with other athletes and she loves the obvious and visible increase in her abilities and athleticism on the court. We can see it, she can feel it and the stats prove it. Thanks AROC,and staff!
AROC exercise program is designed very carefully to address all aspects of body motion. The coaches are energetic, enthusiastic, and fun. The coaches keep correcting the athlete's forms and keep pushing the children to their limit. Kim, the owner, is wonderful! She really cares about her athletes and does everything to set the children for success and for steadily improving their athletic journey. She gives great suggestions and finds ways for the child to progress constantly to the best of his abilities. I highly recommend AROC to anyone who is looking for a fabulous and affordable place to improve his athletic skills. You rock, AROC!
My son had such a great experience training here with Elliot. He was very professional and took the sessions seriously but also made it fun. We saw very noticeable improvements in his speed and agility.  Definitely recommend.
Leigh Ann W
My son and daughter have trained here for years and have had other trainers for their specific sports but they have love AROC.  The trainers are great, staff is nice and their manager Kim is awesome.  The sessions that they have had worked well to get and keep them in shape, strength and had help them to be more of a powerful athlete. I cannot recommend any other place but AROC!!!
Viviana H
Management and trainers are top notch . Wish we would have started here when our son was younger . Recommend whole heartedly
Good workout. The instructor made adjustments for me which was really appreciated. Very accommodating for all levels.
Holly S
This place is great for youth athletes to train. I love the variety, number, and times of the classes. The trainers are knowledgeable and fun.
Megan H
This is the best training facility we have found. If you want personal service, great returns in a fun atmosphere, then this is the place for your youth athlete. Ask for Kim the Manager, she will make sure your taken care of. If you want the best trainer, then ask for Neil.
Todd V
My 9 year old son has been going to Athletic Republic of Orange County for the past 6 months. He has struggle with gross motor movement, core strength and stamina. He works with Coach Neil and he is amazing. Shiva has come a long way since he started. He enjoys exercising there and is showing improvement in his motor skills. The staff there is very polite and always very helpful.
Sandhya K
“My son has been working with the trainers at AROC for the past year and has seen amazing results in that time. We started going to AROC on the recommendation of his soccer coach to work with him on his speed and agility. The improvements have been incredible. Since we started my son has improved his 40 yard dash time by over .75 seconds and has experienced a 220% increase in his leg strength.  

The AROC trainers are passionate about developing each athlete and it shows through the energy and enthusiasm they bring to every session. The trainers strive to create a supportive and fun atmosphere for athletes to grow. Each workout is challenging and creative. The trainers  place a high value on correct form with each exercise. They motivate my son to push past his perceived limits to get results.  If you are serious about becoming the best athlete you can, the AROC can help you every step of the way. 

Thank you to the AROC training staff, you are the best!"
Kind regards, George D
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2100 E Wilshire Ave
Santa Ana, CA 92705

Located in the Roger Dunn Golf Center at McFadden and the 55 Freeway

(714) 972-2762