Athletic Republic of Orange County (AROC) & Tstreet Volleyball 
have formed a partnership to provide Tstreet athletes with 
high level science- based training to support each athlete's 
performance goals.

Each athlete will have the opportunity to choose a program that 
works perfectly for their schedule, whether that is on-site at Tstreet, 
at Athletic Republic, or a combination of both.

AROC will provide training that will focus on Explosive Power, 
Strength, and Speed. These are critical areas to improve for 
any volleyball athlete looking to dominate in their sport.

Unlimited Sessions (One Month)
$169/month (AROC and Tstreet)
$149/month (Tstreet only)

Unlimited Sessions (3-Month Minimum)
$139/month (AROC and Tstreet)
$119/month (Tstreet only)

Unlimited Sessions (6-Months Minimum)
$99/month (AROC and Tstreet)

  • Sessions at Tstreet will be 45 minutes
  • Sessions at AROC will be 60 minutes
  • Go to to purchase and
    schedule sessions. Search athletic Republic Orange County
    create an account, purchase a package and start scheduling
  • Need more information? Contact us at
    or call 714-972-2762