United Volleyball Club Families and Athletes

Athletic Republic of Orange County (AROC) is so excited to be partnering with UVC as their strength and conditioning partner. AROC has been a leading sports performance center in Orange County for 10 years and is part of larger company that has specialized in science-based research and performance for over 27 years. We have a 10,000 sq ft. facility located just off of McFadden and the 55 Freeway.

We Know Athletes. The foundation of our success comes from our Test-TeachTrain approach to athletic development. We provide the answers to becoming a faster, quicker, stronger, more explosive athlete. Want to be stronger? Want to jump higher? Want to move quickly? Let's get after it.

Our goal is to assist any athlete who wants to improve their athleticism and contribution to the game. We do this by helping them achieve their performance goals in a supportive and inclusive environment. Being a competitive athlete is work. Hard work. It takes discipline, resilience, and perseverance. The journey is far more rewarding and fun when you have a team working with you.

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Give us a call at 714-972-2762.

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Go to our website at www.arocspeed.com 
At the top of the homepage, click the button that says "Schedule Training" This takes you to www.mindbodyonline.com (Our Scheduling Platform)

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